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Current Projects

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land of no mercy

a new play by Rae Binstock
directed by Michael Leibenluft
produced by Jen Sandler & Rachel Goodgal

Monday, April 30 at 7pm

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The apartment sits on the corner of Monroe and Clinton, tucked away in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s a cozy little place, just big enough for two—but which two? Yetta and Solomon, the Jewish immigrants from a century ago, business owners fighting to get through each day and hold on to a world thousands of miles away, while they worry about starting a family in the Land of Opportunity? Or Maria and Alex, the millennial oddballs of the present who sweep into the neighborhood on a tide of gentrification, struggling to keep their college relationship viable in the face of new stressors, new ambitions, and new neighbors? One hundred years apart but close enough to touch, two couples inhabit the same cramped apartment. In land of no mercy, their stories weave together, creating a collage of youth, hope, and uncertainty.