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Past Productions

American Dreamers

West of 10th presented the New York premiere of Lia Romeo’s American Dreamers from August 15-19, 2018. In American Dreamers, it's November of 2016. Becca Barrington has just graduated from college, and since then she's been dumped by her boyfriend, rejected by every grad school she applied to, and ended up at a dead-end job in the town where she grew up. To pay off six-figure student loans, she decides to try working as an escort... but her first client turns out to be a mortifying surprise. But at least we're about to elect the first woman president... right? 

Becca Barrington - Sarah Chalfie
Trevor Jones - Tony Christopher
Mallory Park - Sue Kim
John Malvern - Timothy Mullins*
Alicia Velez - Violeta Picayo*

Creative Team:
- Molly Clifford
Producers - Rachel Goodgal & Jen Sandler
Production Stage Manager - Yve Carruthers
Costume Designer - Emily Bono
Set & Props Designer - Melanie Waingarten
Sound Designer -Jessica Hart
Lighting Designer - Cheyenne Sykes

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity. American Dreamers was an Equity Approved Showcase.

Production photos by Ashley Garrett. Graphic design by Brielle DeMirjian.


West of 10th presented Paul Weitz's Lonely, I'm Not from January 18-22, 2017. Lonely, I'm Not is a romantic comedy that follows Porter, a former prodigal corporate "ninja," and Heather, an ambitious young businesswoman who has been sightless since age 2. It's 4 years after Porter had a nervous breakdown, quit his job, and got divorced when their old friend "Little Dog" decides that these two might just hit it off.

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Cast (in order of appearance):
Porter - Adam Maggio*
Little Dog/Barista/Waiter - Leon Morgan
Heather - Rachel Goodgal
Carlotta/Wendy/Claire - Hannah Yi
Grace/Yana/Administrator - Margaret Curry*
Rick/Decter - Andrew Hamling

Creative Team:
- Christopher Campbell-Orrock
Producers - Jen Sandler & Rachel Goodgal
Production Stage Manager - Chandalae Nyswonger
Assistant Stage Manager - Lizzy Cook
Costume Designer - TJ Burleson
Set & Props Designer - Wesley Cornwell
Sound Designer & Original Music Composer - Patrick Lachance
Lighting Design - Joshua Langman

Lonely, I'm Not was an Equity Approved Showcase.
*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors' Equity Association.

Production photos by Will Ortiz. Graphic Design by Ran Xia.


From March 30 - April 3, 2016, West of 10th presented Completeness, a romantic comedy by Itamar Moses. In Completeness, a computer scientist and a molecular biologist agree to collaborate on a data-mining algorithm and find more than just a likely interpretation of their data. In this heartfelt and funny tale, Elliot and Molly seduce each other with their brilliance but find that love is almost as complicated as the human interactome.

Cast (in order of appearance):
Elliot - Joe Pietropaolo
Molly - Rachel Goodgal
Lauren/Nell/et al. - Therese Dizon
Don/Franklin/et al. - Terrance L. Johnson

Creative Team:
Director - Andy Scott
Producers - Jen Sandler & Rachel Goodgal
Production Stage Manager - Ryan Burton
Assistant Stage Manager - English Paige
Lighting Designer - Maryam Sweirki
Set & Props Designer - Christina Tang
Sound Designer - Jane Behre
Costume Designer - Madeline Corson

Production photos by Thom C. Photography. Graphic design by Katie Jane Trosan.


From August 26-30, 2015, West of 10th presented its inaugural production: Matt & Ben, the hit comedy by Mindy Kaling & Brenda Withers. Company co-founders Piyali Syam and Rachel Goodgal starred as the two halves of Hollywood’s favorite bromance: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Set in Ben’s apartment in 1995, Matt & Ben gave audiences a glimpse of what might have happened one hilarious afternoon before Matt and Ben won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting and became household names. 

Matt – Piyali Syam
Ben – Rachel Goodgal 

Director – Maureen Fleming
Producers – Rachel Goodgal, Jen Sandler, Piyali Syam
Production Stage Manager – Therese Dizon
Lighting Designer – Maureen Fleming
Sound Designer – Rachel Goodgal
Fight Choreographer – Stephen Shore
Run Crew – Sophie Hirsh, Jen Sandler
Publicity Coordinator – Sophie Hirsh

Production photos by Thom C. Photography.