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Reading Series

West of 10th is seeking to collaborate with emerging playwrights! If you would like to submit a play for our staged reading series, please email your script to We currently accept full length plays that include "millennial" characters, late teens to early 30s, as a central focus.

Please visit our current projects page for more information about upcoming readings!

LAND OF NO MERCY: un drama américano (in tzvey aktn)

On Monday April 30, 2018, West of 10th presented a staged reading of land of no mercy, a new play by Rae Binstock. In land of no mercy, an apartment sits on the corner of Monroe and Clinton, tucked away in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s a cozy little place, just big enough for two—but which two? Yetta and Solomon, the Jewish immigrants from a century ago, business owners fighting to get through each day and hold on to a world thousands of miles away, while they worry about starting a family in the Land of Opportunity? Or Maria and Alex, the millennial oddballs of the present who sweep into the neighborhood on a tide of gentrification, struggling to keep their college relationship viable in the face of new stressors, new ambitions, and new neighbors? One hundred years apart but close enough to touch, two couples inhabit the same cramped apartment. In land of no mercy, their stories weave together, creating a collage of youth, hope, and uncertainty. 

Directed by Michael Leibenluft
Marisol/Malvina - Ruth Aguilar*
Yetta - Rachel Goodgal
Li/Lee - Rachel Lin*
Sol - Moshe Lobel
Maria - Andrea Morales*
Alex - Will Turner*
Asher/Eric - Luzer Twersky
Stage Directions - Maureen Fleming
Produced by Rachel Goodgal and Jen Sandler
*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association
Photos by Katie White, KT Photography.

The Calorie Counters

On Tuesday March 13, 2018, West of 10th presented a staged reading of The Calorie Counters, a new play by Molly Wagner. In The Calorie Counters, Maggie’s sister, Jordan, has just gotten engaged. Already, Jordan has the wedding all planned out, from the centerpieces to the napkin colors to the bridesmaids’ dresses — dresses that are only carried up to a size 12. There’s just one problem: Maggie is nowhere near a size 12. Determined not to disrupt her sister’s big day, Maggie seeks guidance at a weight-loss group called Calorie Counters. As Jordan buries herself in her wedding arrangements and Maggie uproots her life for the chance to fit in, the sisters begin to discover secrets about themselves and each other.

In a world devoted to Pinterest wedding boards and inspirational fitness blogs, The Calorie Counters examines the things we try too hard to prove and the ways in which we hide from our bodies or use them as shields.

Directed by Quinn Vogt-Welch
Maggie - Grace Agnew
Jordan - Maureen Fleming
Alex - Alex J. Gould*
Nick - Terrance L. Johnson*
Charlie - Sean T. McGrath
Stage Directions - John McGowan
Produced by Rachel Goodgal and Jen Sandler

*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association


On Wednesday October 11, 2017, West of 10th presented a staged reading of Snow, a new play by Harrison Bryan. In Snow, seven men in Snow's life have shaped her views of the difficult dating world that is New York City. So after she's mugged on the night of her birthday, it only makes sense for her to show up, unannounced, at the front door of her ex-boyfriend's apartment, right? After recounting what have been the most absurd and heartbreaking three years of her life, Snow tries to recover the "Happy" she feels she's lost.

Directed by Emily Moler
Snow - Casey Tucker*
Happy/Bashful/Doc/Dopey/Grumpy - Alexander J. Morgan
Sleepy/Sneezy - Andrew Nielson
Stage Directions - Mikayla Petrilla
Produced by Rachel Goodgal and Jen Sandler

*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association


On Tuesday August 15, 2017, West of 10th presented a staged reading of Cam Baby, a new play by Jessica Moss. In Cam Baby, Matabang and Joseph secretly web-cam girls who rent rooms in Joseph’s apartment and share the footage with the Brobonic Union, their secret society of friends. Joseph’s having moral misgivings - and trying not to mess things up with Natalie, the girl he has loved forever - but can’t bring himself to risk his friendship with Matabang. When he rents a room to Clara, who doesn't live up to the Union's beauty standards, the operation is in jeopardy - until Clara starts dating Tim, and suddenly everyone wants to watch. Touching on issues of privacy, consent, identity, lookism, and the value of women, Cam Baby is a fast-paced ensemble comedy about the selves we create and the stories we watch.

Directed by Molly Rose Clifford
Natalie Czerny - Xandra Clark
Damien Matabang - Jose Gamo
Ezra - Andrew Hamling
Tim Pearson - Drew Lewis*
Clara Mellin-Varley - Jessica Moss
Joseph Blair - Matthew Walker
Stage Directions - Hannah Yi
Produced by Rachel Goodgal and Jen Sandler

*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association


On Thursday July 20, 2017, West of 10th presented a staged reading of Friends Don't Let Friends (Or: Television Lied To Us), a new play by Chris Barlow. In Friends Don't Let Friends: How do you tell your best friend that you just got the job of their dreams? Better yet: What if you don’t? Kayla and Matt have been best friends since college, toiling away in the off-off-off-broadway scene until Kayla calls it quits and gets a day job. Now she’s the one about to have the career the two of them have always dreamed of. When Matt finds out, his resentment opens the door to questions of nepotism, diversity, and representation that threaten to tear their friendship apart. Friends Don’t Let Friends is the story of a breakup, a blind date, and a big decision–– except everyone’s gay, so it’s not what you think.

Directed by Molly Rose Clifford
Carson - Alton Alburo*
Matt - Alex J. Gould*
Annie - Rachel B. Joyce
Kayla - Crystal Lucas-Perry*
Stage Directions - Maureen Fleming
Produced by Rachel Goodgal, Jen Sandler and Christopher Campbell-Orrock

*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association


On Monday October 24, 2016, West of 10th presented a staged reading of Menorah, a new play by Cary Gitter. In Menorah, the world's in turmoil, Israel's at war with Palestine—and in tiny River Hill, New Jersey, super-Jewish Georgia is just trying to get a big Hanukkah menorah placed next to the town Christmas tree. But with her angry son in love with a Palestinian-American girl, and a seductive Christian mayor in office, Georgia has no idea all hell's about to break loose. Menorah is a dark comedy about a clash of faiths and identities in a small American town. 

Directed by Michael Leibenluft
Nadia - Lily Balsen*
Dae Hee/Judah Macabee - Pun Bandhu*
Georgia - Catherine Curtin*
Eli - Eli Gelb*
Sandy - Kelli Lynn Harrison*
Stage Directions - J.W. Harvey
Produced by Rachel Goodgal & Jen Sandler

*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association

american dreamers

On Monday August 8, 2016, West of 10th presented a staged reading of American Dreamers, a new play by Lia Romeo. In American Dreamers, Becca Barrington has a liberal arts degree, but now that college is over, she's back in the town where she grew up, working a dead-end job at a bookstore.  That's when she meets Alicia Velez - sexy, charismatic, and independently wealthy.  How did she get that way?  By working as an escort.  Soon Alicia has convinced Becca that she ought to try it... but when Becca's first client is her high-school teacher, it forces her to wonder whether escorting is really a viable career path.  American Dreamers explores the difficulty of finding your way as a twenty-something in twenty-first-century America.

Directed by Casey Cleverly
Becca Barrington - Ella Dershowitz

Trevor Jones - Adrian Burke
Mallory Feng - Midori Francis*
Alicia Velez - Reanna Armellino
John Malvern- Charlie Scatamacchia*
Stage Directions - Ryan Andrew Arthur
Produced by Jen Sandler

*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association


On Wednesday June 22, 2016, West of 10th presented a staged reading of Karate Hottie, a new play by Catherine Weingarten. In Karate Hottie, 16-year-old Dart falls in love with her sexy, manly 37-year-old karate instructor, but she doesn't know that she'll engage in something that promises to be way more complicated and way more wrong and way more HOT than she ever thought it could be. This play tracks the story of a young outsider chick who will do whatever it takes to get her man, eat as much Chinese food as possible, and play by her own rules ;)

Directed by Ben Stockman
Dart - Rachel Goodgal

John - Mark Grenier
Meredith - Erika Robel
Shalom - McKenna DuBose
Stage Directions - Cliff Sellers
Produced by Rachel Goodgal & Jen Sandler


On Sunday, April 3, 2016, West of 10th presented Gina Doherty's new play, Anne Boleyn for President of the Class of 2014, in which Anne Boleyn - one of the most famous (infamous?) women in history - is transported to an elite, cutthroat liberal arts college. Enter Henry (the Eighth) – a bro with a heart of gold and President of the all-powerful Student Council; Catherine (Queen Catherine, that is), decked out in Lily Pulitzer and carrying the Holy Bible; and Anne’s favorite ladies (in waiting), who will try to help her enforce the feminist agenda, with the hopes of eventually landing one of them in the White House. In the new millennium, will Anne’s mystical beauty, incessant drive, thirst for power, and daring lust bring her to the top of the food chain? Or will her fate remain unchanged? Doherty's play examines whether the feminist attitude of our time can do anything to save the Queen (Bee).

Directed by Rachel Goodgal
Anne - Marina Gasparyan

Henry - Billy Berger-Bailey
Marcella - Erin McMahon
Julissa - Piyali Syam
Catherine - Mikayla Petrilla
Stage Directions - Ashley DiGiorgi
Produced by Rachel Goodgal & Jen Sandler


On Saturday, December 5, 2015, West of 10th presented its first staged reading. Disciples is a new play by Matt Newberg that debuted at Clark University and received its New York premiere with West of 10th. It tells the story of David and Eve, a young couple caught between faith and reality. On a seemingly ordinary Saturday night, a life-changing event forces them to confront their relationships with God and with each other.

West of 10th was ecstatic to bring Disciples to a New York audience and help Matt continue to develop this extraordinary play.

Directed by Vanessa Lancellotti
David – Doug Goldring*
Eve – Rachel Goodgal

Paul – Michael Greehan
Stage Directions – Piyali Syam
Produced by Rachel Goodgal & Jen Sandler

*Actors so designated appeared courtesy of Actors Equity Association