• West of 10th

Praise for Lonely, I'm Not

West of 10th has produced an intimate, heartwarming, question posing, stirring production that galvanizes the spirit to want to go out and connect in the flesh.

Director Christopher Campbell-Orrock has done a truly brilliant job maximizing the challenges of the small space with innovative devices... The pace was electric, and yet each scene had its own perfect rhythm.

-Jacquelyn Claire, NY Theatre Guide

West of 10th is a small burgeoning company... They deserve kudos for hitting the ground running with such great momentum.

The cast gives energetic performances and Goodgal is especially affecting as Heather.

-Helen Herbert, Theatre is Easy

It's the contention of Maggio, Goodgal, Campbell-Orrock, and Weitz that perfection has its limits, and the right set of wrong circumstances can test them like nothing else. If we're lucky, the bonds that matter most will endure, or at least show us what connections we really want and deserve. Maybe in a world that doesn't obey the edicts of silver-screen romantic comedies, that's enough—or maybe it's better. Lonely, I'm Not, on the page and in this production, lets you decide for yourself, a responsibility you won't mind given how ingratiating, affecting, and honest the evidence on all sides is.

-Matthew Murray, Talkin' Broadway

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